The Poetic Principles of Internet Object

This poem encapsulates the core guiding principles that shape the design and objectives of the Internet Object format.

The poem serves as a unique and memorable medium to communicate the foundational principles that form the basis of the Internet Object format. By creatively capturing these concepts in verse, the poem enables readers to appreciate and remember the essence of the data interchange system more effectively. The Internet Object format is designed to be efficient, clear, and versatile in facilitating data interchange, and the poem highlights these attributes by artistically expressing the philosophy and goals that drive its development. The poem, therefore, not only adds an engaging element to the specification but also reinforces the core values of the Internet Object format.


Size holds weight, in bytes confined, Small prevails, large left behind.

Simplicity shines over complexity's shroud, Readability echoes, accurate and loud.

Reusability births productivity's rise, Verbosity's burden efficiency defies.

Data, definitions, separate ways, Together they clutter, apart they amaze.

Headers and data, distinctions drawn, Confusion dissolves, clarity's dawn.

Errors and statuses, data's divide, Their entanglement brings chaos inside.

Two lone records, states unswayed, No interference, connections unmade.

Trust not the sender, vigilance displayed, Expect the unanticipated, foundations laid.

Surprises, enchanting, yet beware, Not all of them good, handle with care.

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