When a variable is classified as a byte then the data will be accepted only if it is an integer with the size of a byte or 8 bits. A byte may have, decimal, hexadecimal, octal or binary values. The range of values is from -127 to +128.

# Byte type variable
testNumber: byte 
~ 100 
~ -120 
~ 0xFF        # Hexadecimal Representation
~ 0b01111111  # Binary Representation
~ 0c111       # Octal Representation

The byte is derived from the number type that shares the same MemberDef as the Number i.e type, default, choices, max, min, multipleOf, divisibleBy, optional and null while enforcing the additional constraint that the number must be of byte type.

By default the max value of byte type variable is 128 and and min is -127.

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