When a variable is classified as an int then it will accept all the integers including signed and unsigned integers. It will not accept float values.

The Integer must be represented using one or more ASCII digits (0 U+0030 to 9 U+0039), prefixed with or without the minus sign (- U+002D). The integer must not contain a decimal point as some language validators will accept it and some will not.

# Set testNumber to int   
testNumber: int
~ 101254666452                         # valid
~ -12125987566459963311323664566130236 # valid
~ 12546632.4254563                     # invalid
~ 20.0                                 # invalid
~ 123645.2536                          # invalid


The int is derived from the number type that shares the same MemberDef as the Number i.e type, default, choices, max, min, multipleOf, divisibleBy, optional and null while enforcing the additional constraint that the number must be of integer type.

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